Hey, give me my hole back!!! 

Porque aqui é hora do pequeno-almoço, aqui fica um apetiser para um breakfast à americana: o Donut Hole.

Lembram-se da minha primeira descrição da América? Em que eu dizia que os edifícios reflectiam arquitectonicamente a sua função e exaltavam a sua identidade? Pois bem, cá está o maior dos exemplos disso: o drive-thru Donut Hole que devem conhecer dos filmes e da TV.

Eu ia escrever sobre o que vi, mas encontrei uma descrição brutal no cityguide.com. O texto até reflecte um dos aspectos que eu achei particularmente curioso: o facto de este drive-thru ter uma Clinica Dentária mesmo ao lado, ahahh 😉

Vernacular architecture is found the world over, but giant buildings that look like the things they sell have a special place in Southern California. It is no coincidence that massive food-shaped shops started opening around the time Angelenos fell in love with their cars, making the 1950s and ’60s a heyday for these culinary wonders of the open road. One of the grandest dames still left in the SoCal region is The Donut Hole, founded in 1968, which takes the concept of “donut hole” to staggering new heights (and widths). This La Puente landmark is actually two colossal donuts with holes big enough to fit a Honda, or pretty much any other vehicle. But these chocolate-hued beauties aren’t for snacking on; rather, they’re big fiberglass rings with “It’s The Quality” painted on top of each. Primarily a drive-thru (although there is a walk-up window to one side), The Donut Hole has signs instructing butter-craving drivers to head into one end of the donut-shaped tube, where they place their orders at a window located on the left (to the right of is a room packed with donut-making machinery). Drivers must exit the Donut Hole before beginning their sugary feast (there is a bit of street parking along the walk-up window side of the building). Ask for extra napkins before departing the Hole — the raspberry-filled disc oozes with jelly goodness, while the ultra sticky glazed makes an ideal choice with the sun-hot coffee. Fortuitously, The Donut Hole is located right next to a dental center, should your sweet tooth get the better of you.

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