Eat in LA

Everybody asks me about how it is to eat in LA. I must say that a great part of it is like what we see in the movies: fast food, ready-made meals, and so on…

It’s cheaper to eat this kind of food than to eat healthy, but if we know the right places to buy food and beverages and the right restaurants to go, then it would be just fine… but hell expensier too.

So, the first thing you have to bear in mind is that everything is sweetened. The milk is sweet, the bread is sweet, the butter is sweet and oily and the vegetables taste like tap water. Lettuce is rough (you can only eat it sliced in Juliana) and the fish is unaffordable (two little pieces of frozen haddock may cost 15 USD!!!), not to say that they don’t have it fresh, only freeze.

So, 3 days in LA were enough for me to decide to cook my own un-sweetened bread at home and to look for other supermarkets. We found one that states for “heathy and organic food”, it’s kinda Hippie, what is just great, oh, and not that so expensive at all!!! (They have those cute paper bags to carry our goods, awesome)

 About the meals we cooked at home, I’m leaving you a recipe that Mafalda and Pedro liked a lot. I just invented it myself, but I think it worked out quite good:

Tofu Wraps à moda da Carla

You’ll need: 2 garlic teeth; garlic in powder; 1 ognion; 1 red pepper; 2 carrots; 1 tofu box; fresh sliced mushrooms; mixed salad (lettuce, purple lettuce and rucula); shredded emmental cheese; shredded flamenco cheese and olive oil q.b.; salt; pepper. 4 “liefs” of wrap

How to cook it: Refogar a cebola com o alho e os pimentos cortadinhos até a cebola ficar esbranquiçada e cheirar bem =) Adicionar os cogumelos e a cenoura ralada e deixar refogar. Desfazer o tofu (eu usei o escorredor e um garfo, LOL) e adicionar ao refogado. Temperar e deixar cozinhar durante uns minutos. Dispor as folhas do wrap na bancada, colocar a salada por cima, depois o queijo ralado e o recheio de tofu e mais queijo. Enrolar. Depois de armados, polivilhar com queijo ralado e alho em pó e levar ao forno a gratinar.

That’s all for now. Have a nice meal and see you soon.